A beautifully maintained yard is an affordable luxury and the easiest way to improve the look and value of your home or property.

Residential Properties

Let us give you your freedom back to enjoy your yard. Rest assured and leave the work to us. RR Landscape Inc. offers affordable residential maintenance plans with weekly visits, customized to your unique yard. Many landscape companies charge extra for winter maintenance, but our maintenance contracts are designed to provide you with a beautifully maintained yard year round.

Commercial Properties

You’ve heard it a million times, First impressions are everything, but it really does take but a few seconds to make that all-important first impression. And in corporate America, that could mean the difference between gaining business and losing that business. At RR Landscape Inc. we have the professionals to create and propel your business landscape image to the next level. Having a clean, beautiful and perfectly functioning property projects success and will help you promote that first impression of your business.

At RR Landscape Inc. our articulate, punctual and hardworking professionals will create the look you’ve always wanted while our pricing will put it within your budget.

We offer the following services for both residential and commercial properties:

Lawn Care – Mowing and edging, fertilizer applied throughout the year, moss and lime treatments, and pre and post emergent weed control for a weed free environment.
Plant and Shrub Care – Shrubs, plants, flowers, and trees fewer than 10 feet tall to be maintained throughout the year.
Planting Beds/Weed Control – Pre and post emergent weed applications to be applied throughout the entire season to provide a weed free bed. Includes hand weeding when necessary and hand raking to provide a clean fresh look.
Clean Up – We take great care to police landscaped areas and walk ways to be clean and clear of debris to include leaves, branches, clippings, and trash year round on scheduled visits.
Sprinkler Adjustment – Start up, Shut off, and Adjust of sprinkler heads to optimize optimal performance and coverage.
Emergencies – Year round emergency services are available. Please contact RR Landscape Inc.

Additional services

  • Install – Bark, Soil, Cedar
  • Install – Rock
  • Fertilizer
  • Ferrous Sulfate – Moss Out
  • Dolomite Lime – PH Balance
  • Pre – Emergent – Weeds
  • Post – Emergent – Weeds
  • Overseed – Grass Seed

  • Aerate
  • Dethatch
  • Gutters
  • Pressure Wash
  • Field Mowing
  • Sod Lawn
  • Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Flowers